Our Life and The Farm

Hi There!

My name is Taylor Coverston, I am a newly married Farmer’s Wife, with a love for Jesus. My husband Marshall (Mo) and I married July, 7th 2017. We are both young, 21 year old entrepreneurial business owners seeking after the heart of God and His will for our lives. Our Farm, First Fruits Sustainable Farms, started two years ago, it’s a family business run by my husband and I, and Mo’s parents, with a lot of support and help from my husbands siblings, and my parents. God is the center of everything that we do, our marriage, our farm, our family. We started the farm so that God could be glorified in our community, and through us He could provide local families with the truth of His Word,  and truly healthy food. While we are not certified organic yet, our farm follows what God has called us to do by farming and ranching in a biblical way, with no harmful antibiotics/sprays used in our farming and ranching practices. We live in Fallon, a small farming and ranching community in Northern Nevada close to Reno, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe. When we are not farming we enjoy spending time with our families, and church family, and playing with Scout, our rambunctious Border Collie pup.


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Love always,


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