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    Giving God Control Over The Big and Little Things.

    I spent many years frustrated with the idea that I had so many ideas, so many projects that I would love to make, but never feeling like what I was able to create was good enough. I discovered that just like my spiritual life, the more I tried to be in control, the more my perfectionist self had to be in charge, the less likely I was to be successful in what I was trying to accomplish. This is true for many aspects of life, work, marriage, projects, your hopes and goals, raising children, the list could go on. I have learned that it doesn’t matter how big or little…

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    Spring Is coming

    Hi There, The 2018 Farm season is drawing near, and the Farm is hustling and bustling; while the weather here in Fallon might not acknowledge it, we certainly feel the itch for spring coming on. Planting has started in the hoop houses, and starts are starting to spring up from trays, mostly cool weather has been planted in the hoopers, but the tomato starts are doing really well in the shop. Before we know it markets will start and and the season will be in full swing. There are many new projects in the works this season, we will be building more hoop houses at our home for tomatoes, construction…

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    Our Life and The Farm

    Hi There! My name is Taylor Coverston, I am a newly married Farmer’s Wife, with a love for Jesus. My husband Marshall (Mo) and I married July, 7th 2017. We are both young, 21 year old entrepreneurial business owners seeking after the heart of God and His will for our lives. Our Farm, First Fruits Sustainable Farms, started two years ago, it’s a family business run by my husband and I, and Mo’s parents, with a lot of support and help from my husbands siblings, and my parents. God is the center of everything that we do, our marriage, our farm, our family. We started the farm so that God…

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